At Moobels we are specialized in the development of virtual object collections. We help organisations communicate their collection to a greater audience. With cutting edge technology and sublime craftsmanship we create virtual collections that are so real that you think you can touch them. Having a virtual collection will extend your communication possibilities within all forms of digital media.



With 3D photography (photogrammetry) and advanced 3D modeling techniques we create high resolution photo-realistic digital replicas of your objects. This will offer you the possibility make your collection accessible in any digital visual form, such imagery, animations, interactive applications or even virtual or augmented reality.

We will come over to your organisation to capture the objects in 3D. We can process up to 10 objects in one day, depending on the size and weight of the objects. Objects will be placed on a turning table in front of a multi camera setup. Both the top and the bottom of the object will be captured so that a full 3D model can be made.

Once the objects have been captured, with about 150 to 200 photo’s per object, we will process this into a high resolution 3D model. The high resolution model will be processed into a optimized low resolution copy. The low resolution copy is ideally suited for use in online applications.



The combination of 3D scanning techniques and online 3D, has made it possible to digitally communicate collections like never before. At the basis of all this stands the online 3D viewer that offers a spectator full interactive control.

With use of the Sketchfab viewer and platform we offer you a tool to build your online collection. This platform will  give you complete control over your 3D files and keeps everything organized in one place, always accessible. With this service you will save time, keep track of your assets and track the success of your collection through key metrics.

 The online viewer makes it possible to share your virtual collection with anyone in the world. It can be embed everyhwere. Wether this is social media like facebook, twitter or google+ or a blog like tumblr.



The power of a 3D model is that it can be applied in multiple ways. With the 3D scan as a starting point it can be used for a wide variety of goals such as education, science, communication, marketing and documentation.

A virtual model can be used to create different forms of visual storytelling applications such as imagery, animations, interactive applications or a virtual/augmented experience. Making it possible to get the most out of your digital investment.

At Moobels we have the expertise to help you in the creation of these applications. Depending on the story, the media, the goal and the intended target audience a choice can be made for a specific application. We can aid you in the complete creative process from creating the storyboard up until the online application or display in a exhibition.



A virtual collection can not do without a digital display device. Whereas most people have a desktop, laptop or touchpad at home with which they can interact, for spaces outside the home this is often a different case.

At moobels we have experience with a wide range of devices such as touchscreens, holoboxes, multi beamer projections, virtual and augmented glasses and all sorts of digital input devices to be able to control virtual content.

We offer support for a wide range of display and input devices making it possible to show your virtual collection at your museum or in public spaces. Thereby broadening the reach of your content. Together with several technical partners we can help with the installment of the display and the management of the interactive content for the display.